British Domesticated Ostrich Association

History of the BDOA

The British Domesticated Ostrich Association was founded in December 1992 to support the developing industry.

During the development phase there were many producers and the industry grew to some 20,000 birds.

Entrants to the industry was a combination of :

* Traditional Farmers looking to diversify
* Investment Companies
* Entrants with limited agricultural experience

In 1995 a number of the investment companies were exposed and this led to a very rapid decline. There were a number of other factors that also contributed to this rapid decline.

Ostrich PensA few dedicated operations remain producing Ostrich in England complete with their own slaughter and meat processing facilities. During this period the decline in small retail businesses and growth of the supermarkets has been well reported and documented. This development has forced increasing efficiencies on mainstream livestock producers, putting greater pressure on the development of small producers creating a new industry.

It is this environment that UK Ostrich producers have been working to build a new industry.