British Domesticated Ostrich Association

Proving the Untapped Production and Profit Potential of Ostrich

Compilation of Blue Mountain Ostrich Nutrition E-Bulletins

Fiona Benson, Blue Mountain International
Daryl Holle, Blue Mountain Feeds, Inc.


Blue Mountain introduced the Ostrich Nutritional Bulletins in December 1996. The objective remains the same today as the day they were first published. That objective is to help producers and all building a business based on Ostrich production to develop a greater understanding of the factors that control production, end product quality and profitability.

This compilation starts with Bulletin 87. Bulletin 87 set out to prove the link of genetic performance and nutrition. The remaining bulletins in this compilation are bulletins referenced that support the discussions raised in Bulletin 87 and prove the untapped production and potential of Ostrich.

ostrich chicks
Chicks from First Ostrich Industry Bench Mark Weight Gain Study – 1996/1997

Fiona Benson has been a member of the BDOA since 1994. Over the years she has carried out considerable personal research on her own farm in South Africa and working with producers in a number of countries. She has written a number of papers and articles on different topics.

These documents clearly prove the untapped production and profit potential of Ostrich.

Bulletin 87 – Genetics and Nutrition pdf

Bulletin 83 – The Basics of Production Ostrich Nutrition – Part 1 pdf

Bulletin 81 – Potential Meat Yield of Ostrich pdf

Bulletin 79 – Influences of Ostrich Skin Quality – Age or Nutrition pdf

Bulletin 86 – Welfare of Ostrich and Malnutrition pdf

Bulletin 80 – Ostrich Nutrition and Health pdf

Bulletin 84 – The Basics of Production Ostrich Nutrition – Part 2 pdf