British Domesticated Ostrich Association

The Blue Mountain Alfalfa Guide

Key factors to the success of any commercial livestock production are the ability to accurately determine the productive value of your livestock and the productive value of the inputs.

In the United States Alfalfa is the 3rd most valuable crop behind Maize and Soybean, the other two major ingrdients for productive livestock rations, including Ostrich.

Blue Mountain has brought together published articles and papers written by a number of different authors to illustrate the important contribution of quality alfalfa in commercial livestock profitability. The document covers:

  • Why Quality Alfalfa is important in Livestock Production

  • Why Quality Alfalfa is important in Ostrich Production

  • Defines Quality Alfalfa

  • Explains how to calculate the productive value of Alfalfa

  • Identifies the positive environmental contribution of Alfalfa, including return on water consumption

  • Describe how to take Accurate Samples

  • Explain how to understand lab tests

  • Identifies the economic value of Alfalfa

The Blue Mountain Alfalfa Guide can be downloaded by clicking on the following link:

download Blue Mountain Alfalfa Guide pdf (948k)